Modern Divorce Trends

While you might not think of divorce as something that happens in trends or phases, the statistics on divorce are always changing. As Washington State divorce lawyers, we consider it part of our job to stay up-to-date on all modern divorce trends. This can help us understand our clients’ point of view better, and even give us insight that can help us protect your assets and get you the settlement you deserve.

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Divorce for a Military Family

Divorce is difficult and complicated. However, because there are some different rules and specifics to consider, going through a military divorce can feel like even more complicated.

Why is a military divorce different from a civilian divorce?

Under the law, there is technically no such thing as a military divorce. Civilian and military divorces are legally the same. However, different rules apply to some aspects of the process. When one or both partners serve as active duty military members, there are both state and federal laws that stipulate when the military member can receive a divorce summons, how the court handles the division of a military pension plan, and how parenting plans should be handled by the court when a member is deployed outside the region. There may be different rules as to which state has jurisdiction.

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How to Decide Your Settlement

In most cases, divorcing couples will strive to stay out of court and instead work together to reach a settlement based on their own priorities and the statutes in place to ensure children receive the care they need. To reach a settlement agreement, you and your spouse must decide:

  • A parenting plan and visitation
  • Support payments, including child support and alimony
  • The division of all marital assets and property

With the emotional toll that comes with a separation and divorce, however, this is often more complicated than it seems. These are decisions that affect your financial future, as well as the psychological health of every member of your family.

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Married Parents vs. Divorced Parents: The Impact on Children

As parents, it is only natural to worry about the impact your choices have on your children. When those choices create significant changes in their everyday life and alter the look of their family forever, the stress and worry can seem unbearable. The effect of divorce on children can range from a minor disruption while they adjust to a new routine to major problems with behavior and acting out.

Some children grieve for a short period and seem to bounce back quickly. Others mourn for a longer period and may hold out hope you and the other parent will reconcile. It is, however, important to remember that you do have some control over how your divorce affects your children, and there are options that can help them cope.

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Social Media and Divorce

There is no doubt that modern technology is raising extra concerns for people facing a contested divorce. Thanks to the proliferation of social media, there is now more evidence than ever to show exactly what each partner did before and has done since the separation. This evidence can change the course of settlement negotiations and even hurt your chances of getting alimony or custody in a trial.

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How to Choose a Spokane Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is rarely stress-free. Not only do you have the emotional turmoil and financial uncertainty, but you may also need to navigate legal hurdles that often arise in a high asset or contested divorce. Knowing how to choose the right divorce lawyer is key in ensuring the process goes smoothly and your rights remain protected throughout your divorce. Here are a few questions you should ask when choosing a divorce or family law attorney:

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