Will Covid-19 Cause My Divorce to Take Longer?

Probably, yes. For over two months, Washington courts were only scheduling hearings on family law motions in cases that involved emergencies such as domestic violence. As of June 1, 2020, the courts will begin holding non-emergency hearings again, but the backlog that has been created since mid-March is likely to delay the courts’ resolution of divorces for couples that are filing over the summer.

In light of the delay COVID-19 will probably cause your divorce proceeding should you resolve it at trial, now may be a good time to consider alternative dispute resolution methods to come to an agreement and settle your divorce without the intervention of a judge. Alternative dispute resolution includes methods like mediation, where a neutral third party helps both parties come to an agreement over terms of the divorce. It also includes arbitration, a more formal process where the parties present their cases to a third party who then makes a binding decision. Just like going to court, parties are still wise to retain a family lawyer to help them prepare for either of these proceedings.

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