My Divorce Proceedings Are Delayed Because of Covid-19. Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed the Process Up?

Washington courts are now open for most issues, but married couples seeking a divorce may continue to experience delays due to a log of cases that built up between March and June. Exactly how long your divorce hearings will be delayed will vary based on the county you live in.

This doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to move your divorce along, however. If you are experiencing a delay, the best use of your time is to gather as much documentation relevant to your divorce’s contested issues as possible. If you are requesting specific pieces of property, gather documents that will help you and your attorney demonstrate why you should have them. If you are requesting that the children live with you, gather statements from others who can attest to your involvement as a parent. This evidence will make a difference when your opportunity to finally resolve your divorce comes around.

Crouse Erickson