Alison Erickson is a graduate of Gonzaga Law School whose practice focuses exclusively on family law. At Gonzaga Law School she was a merit scholar.

If you asked Alison what she most enjoys about her job as a family lawyer, she would say that she enjoys crafting creative solutions to her clients’ problems. Sometimes the answer isn’t obvious or isn’t something the court is likely to order on its own, so it’s her job to come up with something that suits multiple parties’ interests and still falls within the parameters of the law.

She is most passionate about oral argument. Making strong legal arguments based on the facts of each case in a way that appeals to multiple interests is the core of getting a good result and something she loves doing.

She strongly believes that anyone confronted with a summons has a right to the best tools available to them. And she is more than happy to provide those tools. She enjoys working at Crouse Erickson because of the collegial nature of the office. All of the attorneys support each other and benefit from everyone’s experience. Alison is dedicated to getting her clients the best results possible.

Crouse Erickson