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Family law matters are some of the most serious and emotionally charged matters that you will ever face. There is a lot on the line: your family dynamics, your children, your assets, and your income. There are also complicated legal rules and protocols that can be frustrating.

For nearly 30 years, Crouse Erickson has exclusively practiced family law in Spokane County, a rarity among law firms in this area. We are now the largest exclusive family law firm in the county.

Practice Areas

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If you reside in Spokane County or neighboring communities, we invite you to contact our firm to schedule a consultation. Our caring, qualified divorce attorneys can answer your basic questions and help you understand your rights based on your unique circumstances.

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Child Custody

In any child custody matter, it is imperative that your attorney presents a complete picture to your assigned judge. At Crouse Erickson, our attorneys understand the need to present high quality declarations and oral arguments to the court on your behalf. We provide the advice and representation our clients need during their child custody case, and pursue the positive outcome that best suits their particular situation.

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Child Support

If you need help obtaining child support or modifying your order in Spokane County or neighboring communities, the knowledgeable lawyers at Crouse Erickson are here to help. We can analyze your case, answer your questions, and fight for the money you need to support your child.

Child Support
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Business & professional valuations

David J. Crouse has extensive experience in business and professional practice valuations, expert preparation, and trial. He has also lectured extensively on these areas, appearing at recent Washington State Bar Association Continuing Legal Educations seminars. If your case involves a significant business interest, or a professional practice, you are invited to contact David J. Crouse about representation in your dissolution action.

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If the parents are not married or if one party is disputing paternity, establishing or formally challenging a child’s paternity is a necessary step. This is because, unless the couple has formally established paternity, the father has no legal right to his children, and mothers cannot recover the necessary support. Washington law may also recognize parentage through the inclusion of the father on the birth certificate or the execution of a State paternity affidavit.

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To protect your rights, it is important to have an attorney draft or review your separation agreement and accompanying documents. Petitions, responses, financial affidavits, and other required documents often contain confusing legal terminology. You must make sure you understand what you are agreeing to because once a judge approves and signs it, a separation is a legally binding document that you must abide by.

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If you are attempting to modify an order or need to contest such a modification, we invite you to contact Crouse Erickson to schedule a consultation. As one of the top family law firms in the Spokane, Washington area, our attorneys are prepared to help you understand your rights in the parenting plan modification process and advocate on your behalf.

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We negotiate, mediate, and legislate divorce cases and all issues that might arise, including child custody, child support, alimony, business valuation, property division, and more.

Child Custody

When people understand how child custody works in Washington, they make better decisions. Our attorneys educate, advise, and represent parents facing contested child custody cases.

Child Custody
Child Support

The Spokane child support lawyers at Crouse Erickson understand how hard it can be to ensure your children get the financial support they need without fighting or scraping by month after month.

Child Support
Business & Professional Valuations

We have extensive experience in business and professional practice valuations, expert preparation, and trial. We are ready to help protect your business.

Business and Professional Valuations

If you are a custodial parent wishing to relocate or if you are a non-custodial parent wanting to contest a relocation, call a family law attorney at Crouse Erickson for help with the process.


Our attorneys have helped non-parental family members pursuing custody or visitation with children. We also help parents defend against family members pursuing these matters.

Parenting Plans and Paternity

Whether you are a mother or a father, establishing paternity may be necessary to resolve child custody, child support, and other family law disputes.

Parenting Plans & Paternity

We know how to negotiate and plan for family law mediations – two things vital to your success. We represent, assist, and advise you during mediation for any type of family law matter.

Enforcement of Orders

If the other parent is not adhering to a court order, there are steps you can take to force their compliance. We will help you pursue a contempt of court action against the other party.

Enforcement of Orders
Legal Separation

Legal separation is similar to a divorce, but the couple remains married. Our lawyers can help you address all these issues whether you want to separate indefinitely or as a preface to divorce.

Legal Separation

If you are attempting to modify an order or need to contest such a modification, we invite you to contact Crouse Erickson to schedule a consultation.


We understand the complexities of child custody disputes and visitation issues. We help clients navigate all aspects of the process, keeping their children’s best interests in mind.


Intense case Preparation & client-centric service

Prepared for anything and everything that may arise in your case. The attorney who wins the case is the one who puts in the most time and effort. That’s us. We put in long hours and provide the high-quality work necessary to make a case successful. And our approach works. We have worked with thousands of clients and successfully helped them with a wide range of family law cases. We handle matters as amicably as possible, but we are fully prepared to litigate a case in court if it best serves our client.

Our team is comprised of five attorneys and four legal assistants. We have built close relationships with business valuation experts, appraisers, counselors, and other family law experts. Our extraordinary preparation means we are always ready to tackle any issue that comes up in a family law case. We can step in and assist at any stage of the process.

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Exclusive family law practice. Most other firms that practice family law, with the exception of smaller sole practitioners, dabble in other types of law too. We do not. Our intricate knowledge of Washington family law and our numerous resources provide you with the quality, personalized counsel and representation you need.

Our team members have received extensive education and training in family law. We push continuing education and keep abreast of new legislative and industry developments so we can continue to raise the bar in client service. And it shows.

Our attorneys have been recognized as 2021 Top Lawyers in Spokane in divorce and child custody (and for years before that), 2021 Top Lawyer in North America for divorce and family law, have received the highest 10.0 AVVO rating for divorce and child custody attorneys, and have been selected as AVVO’s Client’s Choice for Child Custody.” Learn more about us.

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Client-centric family law firm. We are results driven, and want our clients to be glad they worked with us. We don’t just help you navigate technical legal processes, like drafting documents, filing petitions, and attending hearings. We aim higher than that.

Our team goes above and beyond in customer satisfaction, providing unparalleled service and amenities, from a commitment to build relationships with our clients to our exquisite office with scenic views of the Spokane River. We help you navigate life-altering processes with as little stress and hassle as possible. You should be able to face your future with confidence, and we want to help get you there.

We are upfront about our fee polices and we strive to provide our clients with the best possible result at the most reasonable rate possible. Because of our extensive experience, we don’t have to “re-create the wheel” on any issue. We will provide a superior product at a rate that is much lower than what less-experienced attorneys may charge.

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A perfect balance

David Crouse is a very thorough attorney. He is always professional and maintains a perfect balance of patience, courtesy, and persistence – regardless of the situation. He made himself available, understood my issues, and developed a plan right away; ultimately negotiating an agreement that worked for everyone. I just wish I had hired him sooner.

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In June 2014, Addicus Publishing released the book “Divorce in Washington”, which was authored exclusively by David Crouse. Divorce in Washington is now available at the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple store websites. It is also available on Kindle, Nook, and I-Books, and at the Addicus Publishing website. A courtesy book is always available to all firm clients.


Read our blog and stay up to date about information related to divorce, child custody, and other family law related issues here in Spokane County and throughout Washington State.


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