I hired Mr. Crouse to handle my divorce. His staff was very friendly and made me feel welcome. Mr. Crouse did a great job at my hearings and was really well prepared. I got a really good result and feel really well represented. Highly recommend.

Shari L.

From the first initial phone call to Mrs. Brandon I felt knowledge, compassion and the fight I was looking for! After my consultation I felt invincible with this little spit fire by my side. Unfortunately the feeling didn’t last long when I ran into financial problems and didn’t end up being able to afford the whole retainer. I was honest with her on my situation, and it resulted in her still being able to help me regardless. She kept saying I can’t get this case off my mind. That showed me her true compassion. By this point it was apparent her will to get results was now solely go my three children in mind. Not money. Of course we still worked out a better payment approach which resulted in only hiring her for partial representation at a set price… Until I could afford her full representation. However no matter how “partial” she was she never made it show! After two years and three other lawyers later including pro Se representation I still was unable to get a terrible over sight changed. This over sight with another lawyer cost me custodial custody, only because my lawyer got lazy and lost motivation to fight for me and pushed me to just agree and we would fight it later. Sarah worked her butt off both in the office and in the court room to help get this reversed. She even made time on a weekend to meet with me just so we were ready for trial the following week. I can not even put into words how thankful I am that this woman was put on this earth and chose the career she did. She valued me and my children as if we were family. I never had an issue with paperwork, timeliness, professionalism or lack of fight in the court room. I do not and will not refer any friends or family to anyone else. Did I mention she in the end did get the results I needed and the results three others fought to achieve within a few weeks? Sarah is truly capable of being the best of the best! Do not let her young age, and lack of years licensed turn you away. Sarah is talent waiting to be discovered!


Her dedication to her clients and the community is nothing short of incredible and I’ve witnessed her, time and time again, go that extra mile. She gives clear, helpful advice and has an upstanding relationship with other professionals , judges, lawyers, clerks alike. She is professional, composed, extremely dedicated to her work and, frankly, a joy to be around.


Very great job. Was there every step of the way. Mr. Crouse cares and fights hard. Thanks for everything!


David Crouse handled our case very well, and we were awarded everything that we had asked for. I have never seen anything like it. I wouldn’t hesitate to have him represent us again.

David J. Crouse & Associates