High Conflict Family Situations

Very few people handle the emotional stress of divorce or other family turmoil by being on their best behavior. Conflicts are almost inevitable; however, a divorce can become a high conflict family situation if any of the following are involved or lead to the divorce:

  • Drug addiction or alcoholism
  • Mental health issues
  • Sexual abuse in the home
  • Domestic violence
  • Damaging lifestyle choices
  • The introduction of new relationships, especially if this lead to the divorce
  • One parent’s efforts to alienate the child from the other parent

If any of these factors are present in your relationship, please let us know as soon as possible. We need to take action to protect your rights, your children’s emotional health, and your assets early in the legal process.


What are the dangers of a Spokane high conflict divorce or family situation?

The damage done by spouses, partners, or parents engaging in a high conflict situation is extensive. Not only is it more costly financially to settle a contested divorce, there are also emotional costs associated with this hostility. The partners, their children, their extended families, and even mutual friends suffer.

The stress of the situation sometimes impairs the parents’ ability to care for themselves or their children. In some cases, these children might even witness fighting and physical violence. One parent may try to alienate the child from the other parent, which is particularly hurtful and emotionally damaging for the child.

We can usually help limit the damage done by getting orders of protection to prevent further abuse or limit the children’s exposure to a new relationship or damaging lifestyle choices. We can ask the judge to take action to limit parental alienation before it causes serious issues in the parent/child relationship or emotional issues for the children.

When necessary — especially in cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or threats against you or the children — we can request that the court only allow the other parent supervised visitation with the children or we may request that all contact be terminated. This can help offer reassurance that your children are safe while still maintaining a relationship with their other parent where possible.

Navigating high conflict divorces and other disagreements requires a knowledgeable family law attorney who can use the court system to provide the protections you need to ensure your future physical, emotional, and financial health. Some of the services we provide to clients in a high conflict family situation include:

Protection from Domestic Violence

When physical or sexual abuse or threats are present in a relationship, we will ask the court to issue an order of protection. In some cases, we can get this type of order in a matter of hours or days and ensure you remain safe for the duration of the legal proceedings.

We will also handle all communication with the other party to ensure you feel safe and never make decisions under duress.

Parenting Plan and Custody Issues

We will help you create a very specific temporary parenting plan that leaves little question about any aspect of custody, visitation, or parenting.

Because the courts believe, in most cases, that a relationship with both parents is best for the child, we will explain why allowing the other parent unsupervised visitation or custody would be against your children’s best interests.

Documentation and Evidence Collection

If your partner does not have empathy for you and refuses to negotiate a settlement, you need a strong case that leaves few questions unanswered. We will collect all evidence necessary and help you document your partner’s hostile behaviors.

Asset Protection

When someone is out to get his/her spouse, it is not unusual for there to be hidden assets, or other financial concerns that might limit your ability to get all the financial support you deserve. We have the experience and the resources to find these hidden assets, and ensure you get your share.

Settlement Negotiations and Trial

It is sometimes possible to reach a settlement in mediation, even in high conflict situations. If this is not the case, a judge decides child custody and asset division issues. We represent you throughout the entire process and uphold your best interests.

Conflict Resolution

We will also put a conflict resolution plan in place for you and the other party. This plan lays out how you will resolve future disagreements, hopefully preventing another high conflict situation. This may include mediation or another similar third-party process.

Spokane High Conflict Family Situation Lawyers at Crouse Erickson

The Spokane family law attorneys at Crouse Erickson advocate for people facing a high conflict family situation. We have the experience and skill to protect you and your children while your case proceeds. We provide the guidance necessary to help you overcome your legal challenges and get the settlement or judgement you deserve.

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David Crouse is a very thorough attorney. He is always professional and maintains a perfect balance of patience, courtesy, and persistence – regardless of the situation. He made himself available, understood my issues, and developed a plan right away; ultimately negotiating an agreement that worked for everyone. I just wish I had hired him sooner.

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