The law recognizes people’s circumstances can change after a final divorce decree is entered. For that reason, a person is able to modify most custody, support, and visitation orders. Our attorneys thoroughly understand the modification process and its requirements. We also understand that final orders are unique to each party, and we can help clients understand their particular orders and specific options for modification. We are also well prepared to assist you if you have been served with a request by the other parent to modify your existing orders.

We urge clients, even if they agree to the proposed change in the order, to understand the potential legal consequences of modifying any order. A client may otherwise create a situation where it is difficult, if impossible, to correct oversights that existed when the orders were entered. Additionally, modifications may not be legally enforceable if drafted incorrectly.

If you are attempting to modify an order or need to contest such a modification, we invite you to contact our firm to schedule a consultation to help you understand your rights in the modification process.

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