Child Support Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

Parents have a legal duty to provide financial support to their children. When they do not live with the child’s other parent, Washington State child support orders ensure the children get the money they need for housing, clothes, food, medical care, and child care. In most cases, the court sets Spokane child support based on state laws.

If you need help obtaining child support or modifying your order in Spokane County or neighboring communities, the knowledgeable child support lawyers at Crouse Erickson are here to help. We can analyze your case, answer your questions, and fight for the money you need to support your child. Call our office today at 509-624-1380 to learn more.

I was very pleased of the results that David was able to get for me. I received full custody after my ex-wife sought to relocate with my children. David also successfully guided me through multiple highly contested hearings in regards to a parental plan and child support. David was very thoughtful, very communicative and professional, and offered solutions to any matter that I brought to his attention. David also has a wonderful staff that is very helpful and informed. I would recommend David to any that would need his services. – James

Why do I need a lawyer to get child support in Washington State?

Washington State has many statutes that govern who pays child support, how much they pay, and when they pay it. This makes Spokane child support cases more complex than many people realize. A knowledgeable lawyer can present the facts of your case to the court in a way that can greatly affect the support you receive or pay.

Many people who request child support are also in the middle of other legal issues. Questions about support may arise during a divorce, paternity claim, or custody dispute, or during parenting plan modifications and relocations. We have the experience and resources to represent you through these, and other family law concerns.

In addition to providing guidance through the process to receive child support, we often work with clients to receive temporary support or to modify existing child support orders. Temporary orders usually occur after one parent files a divorce or paternity action. We present your income and other related circumstances to the court, and the judge determines a temporary monthly amount of child support due from the non-custodial parent. We also create a temporary parenting plan in many of these cases.

When you need to modify a child support order, it can seem like you are starting over from scratch. Having a skillful attorney on your side can reduce this stress. Any time there is a substantial change in circumstances, we can gather all the necessary documentation to demonstrate this change and show how it affects your child support order.

How much child support can I expect to pay?

If you are the parent who will pay child support, we protect your rights and ensure you only pay what is fair. In Spokane County and surrounding areas, the amount of child support paid each month depends on the Washington State Support Schedule.

Where can I get help with child support issues in Washington?

The Spokane child support lawyers at Crouse Erickson understand how hard it can be to ensure your children get the financial support they need without fighting tooth and nail or scraping by month after month. If you have questions or concerns about obtaining or modifying a child support order in Spokane, call our office today at 509-624-1380.

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