My Spouse Cheated. Will I Receive Maintenance of Alimony?

Maybe, but that won’t be the reason why.

Washington is a “strict no-fault” divorce state, which means that all couples seeking a divorce, no matter what the reason, do so on the same grounds of an “irretrievably broken” marriage. Because of this, the court doesn’t particularly care if your spouse cheated and caused the divorce. In fact, Washington state law explicitly prohibits judges from even considering evidence of marital misconduct in determining whether a spouse will receive maintenance, how much they will receive, or for how long they will receive it.

Instead, all of the factors for determining spousal maintenance after divorce have to with how much the spouse requesting maintenance needs, balanced against how much the spouse being asked to pay can afford.

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David Crouse is a very thorough attorney. He is always professional and maintains a perfect balance of patience, courtesy, and persistence – regardless of the situation. He made himself available, understood my issues, and developed a plan right away; ultimately negotiating an agreement that worked for everyone. I just wish I had hired him sooner.

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