Frequently Asked Questions

General Legal FAQs

How To Choose Your Divorce Lawyer

How Should I Prepare To Work With a Family Lawyer?

Family Law Guide During COVID-19

Are the Courts Open in Spokane, Washington?

Will Covid-19 Cause My Divorce to Take Longer?

I Am Concerned that It Is Not Safe for My Co-Parent to Visit the Children Right Now. What Should I Do?

Do I Have a Right to Know if The Other Parent or Someone They Live with Has Covid-19?

My Co-Parent Lost Their Job Because of The Covid-19 Pandemic, and They Say They Can’t Afford to Pay Child Support Anymore. Are They Still Obligated to Pay?

My Divorce Proceedings Are Delayed Because of Covid-19. Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed the Process Up?

Divorce FAQs

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

How Do I Discuss Divorce With My Children?

Can I Switch Law Firms During the Middle of My Divorce?

Will a Divorce Lead To Better Parenting? 

What Are Grounds for Divorce in Washington?

How Long Do I Have to Be a Resident Before Filing for Divorce in Washington?

What Is the Difference Between a Legal Separation and A Divorce?

How Long Will a Contested Divorce Take?

I Want to Complete This Divorce as Soon as Possible, but My Spouse Is Not Cooperating. Is There Anything That I Can Do?

How Will I Support Myself After a Divorce?

My Spouse Cheated. Will I Receive Maintenance of Alimony?

What Factors Does the Court Consider When Determining Spousal Support?

Will I Receive Alimony for The Rest of My Life?

Can I Move After a Divorce?

How Should We Divide Marital Property?

How Can I Protect My Assets During a Divorce?

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for A Washington Divorce?

Child Custody FAQs

How Much Child Support Will I Be Provided?

How Much Will My Divorce Cost? 

How Can I Get Custody of My Children?

What is a Parenting Plan?

How Do I Create a Parenting Plan?

How Can I Pursue Joint Custody?

My Spouse Cheated. Can I Request Sole Custody?

I Don’t Think the Other Parent Should Be Alone with My Child. Can I Petition for Supervised Visitation?

Can a Child Decide Where They Want to Live?

How Do the Courts Determine Visitation?

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for Child Custody Issues?

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